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Prototyping the future of business and society
Prototyping the future of business and society
Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi
Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi
Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi ist Innovator

I am

Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi...

... is impact creator, innovator, life designer, advisor, coach, speaker and networker.
... is passionate about supporting people, organizations and communities in developing future-oriented ideas, mindsets and competencies – especially in the fields of CSR/SDGs, diversity, internationalization, new work and AI/digitization as well as in the transformation processes leading into the future.
... has gained over 20 years of leadership and consulting experience across a wide range of fields including big corporations (Lufthansa German Airlines, AstraZeneca, Boehringer), StartUp (ImpactDOCK Hamburg), NGO (AFS).
... holds a Diplom in Psychology (with a special focus on developmental and intercultural psychology).
... loves to work in international settings.
... has been increasingly interested in innovative solutions for socially relevant issues since the founding of ImpactDOCK Hamburg.
... over the years she has built a radically diverse network of “unlikely allies” that is constantly growing and has an enormous innovative potential.
... is actively engaged at ImpactHUB Hamburg , Zonta International and German Dream , among others.



Diversity unlocks innovation and drives economic growth.

Harvard Business Review

Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi

# believes in diversity as a source of innovation, inspiration and impact – and is passionate about connecting "unlikely allies".
# believes in the impact of doing and exploration – and relies on personal trial and error-experiences – try stuff!
# believes in the impact of pioneering spirit and enthusiasm – and creates formats for expanding horizons and scope of action by entering unknown terrain and using surprising methods.
# believes in diversity as a prerequisite for successful transformation processes – and involves as many participants as possible with different perspectives and needs in transformational journeys.

ImpactDOCK Hamburg

"We have both the resources and the technology to build a just and sustainable world—and purpose-driven businesses could be the critical catalyst that drives the kinds of global, systemic changes we need to reimagine capitalism in a way that works for everyone."

Rebecca Henderson, Author

Impact Creator

Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi...

... founded ImpactDOCK Hamburg – a Social Innovation StartUp, with the goal to contribute to Hamburg‘s future sustainability through consulting and projects.
... as an example – to foster internationalization: in the cross-mentoring project, new citizens – particularly from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and India – were connected with key players working for companies, universities/science, the cultural sector, the city – in one-year processes on-the-job – mentor and mentee worked on a concrete, business-relevant issue of the company/organization, the mentees integrated themselves professionally and privately in the course of the year – a win-win situation for both sides.
... over time, a network of "unlikely allies" has emerged – across the silos of the city – with high innovative potential.

ImpactDOCK Hamburg (2014-17)


Developing business ideas in order to tackle challenges deriving from today‘s megatrends and make Hamburg's companies and the city more sustainable and successful.


At the heart of the project is a highly diverse network of Hamburg citizens with completely different backgrounds – representatives of corporations, universities, the city, freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, etc. – all people who would never meet in everyday life – who come together at events and workshops to collaborate and develop ideas.


As an example concerning the megatrend internationalization: cross-mentoring – little effort, great effect
Sustainable integration of international talents into the working world – three success factors are decisive: 1. 1:1 contacts over a longer period of time between qualified new citizens and key players working for companies/organizations, who are carefully "matched" both professionally and personally. 2. WIN-WIN situation: mentor and mentee work together for a period of one year on a business-relevant issue to which the mentee contributes professionally, culturally or personally – the company benefits business-wise and the mentee develops very quickly on the job, learns the German language and grows along the way into the respective corporate culture, 3. Within the setting of the sustainable human relationship between mentor and mentee, the mentee experiences human and professional appreciation, which in turn strengthens her/his willingness to perform, her/his commitment and her/his future orientation.

Participating companies/organizations

Otto Group, HPA, Indivumed, The George, Eurogate, brand eins, Hafen City Universität, DESY, Fröbel, GLS Bank, Hacker School, Ministry, Menzell & Döhle, Biesterfeld, Hüpeden & Co, XING, evers & jung, Schilling-Stiftung

Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi is Innovator


Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi...

... traveled to the d.school/Stanford University in 2016 to attend an innovation bootcamp and learn innovation/design thinking.
... a fundamental key experience: designing innovations with participants from all over the world – for entrepreneurial, social, scientific, artistic questions/challenges.
... applies her knowledge since her return to support individuals, organizations and communities in the development of innovations.
... designs and implements: Workshops, Bootcamps, Processes, Hackathons, Pioneer Camps, Innovation Journeys.
... curates and establishes inspirational networks.
d.school / stanford university

designing your life certified coach

designing your life

... an offer for people who want and/or need to change their lives.
... "designing your life" enables people to consciously design/innovate their private and professional lives with the mindset and competencies of a designer.
... with the goal of living a fulfilled, coherent and self-determined life.
... developed by the Stanford-professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans (d.school/Stanford), meanwhile one of the most booked offers at Stanford.

Target groups

  • high school graduates (senior year, gap year), middle-agers, retirees
  • individuals, couples and families

Customized formats digital and face-to-face

  • workshops
  • courses
  • a year long process
  • retreats

More Info


Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi is Advisior


Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi...

... Is passionate about supporting people, organizations and communities in developing future-oriented ideas, mindsets and key competencies. In particular, to develop tangible solutions for challenges arising from megatrends such as AI/Digitalization, Social Inequality, Globalization, Climate Change, New Work, as well as to initiate and successfully execute change and transformation processes.
... is experienced in designing and implementing unique learning experiences such as learning journeys, innovation bootcamps, leadership and talent development workshops and programs, cultural journeys, intercultural workshops and interventions, large group events, and cross-mentorings.
... has a broad and deep expertise after more than 20 years of leadership and consulting experience – especially in HR.
Practical experiences: Lufthansa AG, Lufthansa Technik AG, AstraZeneca, Boehringer, tesa, ImpactDOCK Hamburg, AFS Germany.
Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi is Advisior

Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi is Coach

Coaching and supervision for leaders and teams

Coaching is a helpful "reflective partnership" (Dr. Wolfgang Looss) that offers the coachee a protected setting in which professional concerns and challenges can be addressed.
Coaching is about better perceiving, understanding and assessing one's own behavioral patterns as well as the associated emotional patterns in dealing with oneself and in contact with employees and colleagues.
The next step is to expand one's own behavioral and experiential repertoire in order to be able to act more freely, appropriately to the situation and in a more relaxed manner – in the course of the process, new ways and behaviors are tried out and reflected upon.

Topics include:

  • Challenging leadership situations
  • The first 100 days in a new leadership role
  • Development of new professional perspectives
  • Discovering and using one's own potential
  • (Recurring) conflicts
  • Leadership conflicts in family businesses (including shaping succession processes, resolving succession conflicts)
  • Role clarification and -development
  • Burn-out
Supervision of managers and teams with the aim of deepening reflection and thus improving work ability, idea generation and well-being.

Further Education (Selection)

Stanford University, d.school, Designing Your Life
Stanford University, d.school, Innovation BootCamp, Design Thinking
London Business School, HR strategy in transforming organizations
Ashridge Business School, International Management Programme
Cultural Detective – Certified Cultural Detective Facilitator
Simon, Weber & Friends, Systemic Consulting, Coaching and Group Dynamics
Dr. Wolfgang Looss, Change Management und Coaching


Diplom-Psychologist (focus on developmental and intercultural psychology)
Business Education within the framework of the Hamburger Modell (Hamburg Business Academy)

Yukiko Elisabeth is Speaker

Speaker + Moderator


  • Diversity
  • Cross-Mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Life Design
  • Individual-, Team- and Organizational-Transformation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Corporate Culture Development


  • Talks
  • Interview/Dialogue
  • Q & A
Yukiko Elisabeth is Speaker


Yukiko Elisabeth Kobayashi


+49 / 176 / 57 28 19 68